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Hem: Välkommen
Danske Bank är en nordisk bank med broar till omvärlden. I 150 år har vi hjälpt människor

17th-21st of April 

An Event where Gender Equality is in Focus

Program 2023


What is WFD?

Women's Finance Days is a week aspiring to inspire and guide you to your future career in finance! We have invited the most astonishing women from the financial sector to come and talk about how you can reach your dream career!

Get inspired by stories and experiences that will give you new input on your goals! This event can give you insight on where you want to end up after your diploma!

This event aims to give you a platform to help you network with new connections that can facilitate for you to reach your dream career! 

You will get a combination of theory and practice! Listen to inspiring lectures and attend valuable work-shops!


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