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About Women's Finance Days

Women’s Finance Days, WFD, is an inspirational event at Linköping University with a focus on equality. The event is hosted by students from the I-section Iris, Börsgruppen, and ELIN, the economical association. WFD will take place during the third week of April 2023, starting on the 17th and continuing until the 21st. The event consists of different workshops and lectures where students can take part in success and career stories of women, as well as participate in various activities that prepare students for their careers. WFD is an opportunity for all students at Linköping’s University be inspired, network and develop

Any profits made during the event will go to the continuing work with the non-profit organisation WFD and the organisations Börsgruppen, I-section Iris and ELIN, the economical association at Linköping’s University. WFD is growing each year and it is a very appreciated and recurrent event.

Being a part of Women’s Finance Days means to be involved in the largest equality event at Linköping’s University. All students at Linköping’s University are welcome to attend the event, giving companies a wide target group to reach out to. Companies collaborating with WFD also get to market and promote their work with gender equality on our social media platforms.


To be a part of Women’s Finance Days is a perfect opportunity to introduce your company to the students and show how you work with gender equality. And who knows, maybe there are future employees in the audience?

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